Зар сурталчилгаа

Hotel “Ulaanbaatar” is the most famous hotel in Mongolia. During its 51 years of existence it has seen a lot of history within its walls. Gradually it has become the same to Ulaanbaatar as the “Plaza” to New York or Willard Hotel to Washington DC. It was built by a special resolution of the government in 1961.

The infamous Tsedenbal-Filatova, the wife of Mongolian communist leader Tsedenbal and de-facto co-ruler of the country, was personally involved in the construction and design. She chose best workers and designers available at the time to complete the hotel, which was designed to be a flagship property for the Mongolian hospitality industry.

The senior employees say that she has personally picked colors and design for the Lobby and Main Hall. It was the first public building with running hot water, so if you here in the 1960’s you would see the Mongolian elite renting rooms per hour to enjoy the hot bath or shower. A number of foreign embassies were quartered here during 1980’s and 1990’s.

The last embassy, Turkish mission, moved out in 1997. Ever since its foundation the hotel is frequented by politicians and lobbyists, so don’t be surprised if bump into the Parliamentarian, City Mayor or a Minister. During the Democratic revolution of 1991, Communist rulers used the hotel to meet unofficially with the democratic activists.

The future fate of the country was decided during these meetings. The hotel has also become a cultural phenomenon: more than a dozen movies were filmed here; including some that later became classics.

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